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Want American Sugar Mummies? This is the right place. Before introducing you to Sugar Mummies in America, I would love you to understand the concept of this site and how it works.

Here in, we always update a list with available Wealthy ladies. Once the wealthy lady is connected with the guy of her choice, we’ll automatically remove and add a new profile with contact details. Which is why some countries will have lots of sugar mummies and after some times, you’ll see changes.

I discovered that most Matured ladies are getting bold and going for what they need. There has been a huge increased over the last few years, as more older women are looking for fun with zero commitment with younger guys.

With amazing sites Like and, you can find lots of older women who are willing to pay younger men handsomely well to be in a relationship where you are required to be available. Why Most guys have lost their Sugar Momma’s is because of unavailability. Always be available when you’re needed and ensure you satisfy your SugarMummy.

We also discovered that lots of young Men are discovering the secrets to their fellow Young men enjoying a massive amount of wealth without a steady Job. Having a sugar Mummy opens Financial doors for you.

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All that these Matured Women want from you are love and satisfaction and money will never be a problem again.

If you are looking for an American sugar mummy then you are in the right place, quickly connect with these sugar Mummies before it’s too Late.

American Sugar Mummies

1. Lilian

american sugar mummies

Lilian is an American lady who is only 31 years old and she is from Thousand Oaks, California, USA. Lilian says she is looking for any available man between the ages of 29 – 34 years old who is also interested in her.

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When describing her Dream Man, Lilian says she either wants a guy who is Chocolate, Pacific Islander or even a well educated Latino Man.

Lilian says she intimidates Men because of her Money and those she has dated are ONLY interested in the wealth of her Billionaire Father. Lilian is single and has never been married.

She disclosed that she is ONLY interested in a long-term relationship and she is willing to support the dream of any Man she chooses. So if you are interested in this American sugar mummy, kindly leave your contacts and indicates it’s Lilian you are interested in.

2. Cooper.

sugar mummy in America

Alexson Cooper is a beautiful America lady currently residing in Destin, Florida, USA. Cooper works as one of the Chief Executive officer in the Biggest Shopping Mall in Destin and does not have lots of time for Socializing.

Cooper is 52 years old and currently single. This beautiful Lady says she is interested in a black man between the ages of 26 – 45 years old for a long-term relationship, and if the relationship goes smoothly, is prepared for Marriage.

Cooper describes herself as a shy Lady, not minding the fact that she is a Millionaire and lives in a beautiful mansion that she owns. Cooper loves to cook and also enjoys music and will do anything to make the man of her heart happy.

This America sugar mummy says she ACCEPTS only guys who respect Women. If you know you’re Mygonistic, there is absolutely no need to contact or ask for her Phone number or Skype ID.

She also wants a gentleman who opens the door for a Lady, respect Women but a beast in the bεd. Her ex-husband is a Player and she’s so tired of games who are not satisfied staying with one lady. If you know you are not okay with just one girlfriend, please do not bother to ask for Cooper’s number.

3. ReeRee.

sugar mummies in America

Last but not the least of our List of real Sugar mummies in America is ReeRee Anderson.

ReeRee is a beautiful Woman who even at the age of 50 is still looking beautiful. ReeRee currently resides in her private mansion in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She is interested in a black man ONLY. It does not matter whether you’re staying in Africa or anywhere, but you must be chocolate in color.

This beautiful America Sugar mummy divorced her husband two years ago and is ready to enter the dating scene again. ReeRee says she needs a man in between the age of 25 – 40 years who is prepared for a long-term relationship. She is not looking to have more children as she already has two kids who are in High school.

ReeRee says she is looking for someone special, but, can definitely be content alone. She still believes that a Man has to woo a Woman and will be giving her USA phone number to the first 9 guys who asked for it.

This American sugar mummy says she is searching for a guy to hang with, a Man to show up for life with, a man who cares enough about himself to stay Athletic and Toned even when aging as she does.

She is interested in a man who can give her a lot of attention. I like it. Lastly, don’t promise to call or anything else if there is a remote chance you can’t follow through with your promise of Love. Money is not her problem as she works with the biggest drop shipping business in Massachusetts.

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