Dating Apps in Kenya – See the Hottest Dating Apps in Kenya

So today, I want to write about the most powerful and popular Dating Apps in Kenya. These Apps are amazing and can help you connect with Millions of Kenyans within the country an in Diaspora.

Today on, I will be writing on the best dating Mobile apps in Kenya. These Mobile chatting applications are 100% free and connect you to Millions of Eligible Kenyans who are also interested in hookups.

So today, I will be listing the Top six (6) online Dating Apps any Kenyan Woman or Man should try.

IIt is no secret that online dating apps usually bring a bit of excitement into our lives and makes it a more enjoyable place. Imagine the possibilities of connecting with someone who is in the USA or the UK with just a smartphone. Dating apps make connections seamless and the possibilities, endless.

For those who prefer meeting people online and getting to know one another before seeing in real Life, Dating apps are your best choice. Dating apps are great for Kenyan women who want to change and are ready to seek it out themselves.

dating apps in Kenya

Honestly, let’s forget the people who say that dating apps can’t get you anything, certainly, these people don’t know the number of people who have to meet their loved ones through Social sites and Dating Apps. Dating sites is giving more people the opportunity to meet people, date, have a relationship and some are now happily married.

Online dating apps are a new way of finding different people from different places and backgrounds.

1. Tinder

The first dating app in Kenya I would recommend is Tinder. Tinder is one of the most common apps to use in Kenya if you want to join the dating scene. What makes this Mobile App more interesting is that it locates people near your geographical location and you get to swipe right or left depending on how much you like someone.

Swiping right means you’ll connect with the person while swiping left means next. With Apps like Tinder, the choice is in your hands. You get to choose who you want to meet and talk with.

2. Date Kenyans.

This Dating App is specifically created for Kenyans. This Mobile chatting app is for Kenyan Singles who are ready to mingle from different parts of the world.

This App, “DATE KENYANS” connects Kenyan singles from all over the world together and gives them a friendly environment to know themselves online. It offers subscription packages as follows:
one month for $30,
$85 for 3 months,
$150 for 6 months,
$240 for one year.

In my honest opinion, I don’t like dating apps that are paid ones. Connecting people should be FREE and the App creator can look for other avenues to make money. But since others are using it, why should I complain?

3. Kenyan app – Kenyan Chat.

The next App is called “Kenyan App – Kenyan Chat”. This app is amazing and is probably the best bet for those who value their privacy.

Kenyan app – Kenyan Chat is an exclusive private chatting app which is open for individuals chatting and group chats. This app is built and available for Kenyans around the world to connect with themselves and get to know themselves the more.

For those who are interested in only dating a Kenyan guy or girl, then this is the right app. Hardly before you’ll come across a foreigner on this app.

4. OkCupid Dating.

Another App I would recommend for those who are interested in Online Kenya dating apps is the “OkCupid Dating” App. This app is free and there are millions of Kenyans available on this app.

OkCupid dating gives you the opportunity to meet men from different countries in the world, including Asians. If you are into foreign men, then this is the app for you.

5. African Dating.

The next app on our list is the “African Dating” App. This dating app is specifically created to connect you to both Male and Female singles from the African continent. Although the African Dating app is specifically created for Africans, I discovered that singles outside the African continent can connect to singles within Africa through this app.

There are a lot of Kenyans using the “African Dating” App. You can get it on google play store.

6. Mingle2.

Lastly but not least is the Mingle2. This is another amazing dating App for Kenyans who are interested in meeting their fellow Kenyans. This dating app has a dating site that is specifically for the Kenyan audience.

One good thing about the Mingle2 app is that it connects you with Kenyan singles near you or if you want to date outside the country, you can certainly still find love. Or relationship. Or a hookup any time.

Final Conclusion.

Finally, you should not forget that dating is a lot of work and being able to choose a man online is much easier than meeting men offline. Online, you get to chat with him, speak and both of you understand each other perfectly fine.

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