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Wealthy Sugar Mummy In United Kingdom

sugar mummy in united kingdom

Today, I would love to introduce you to a youngish 50 years old Sugar Mummy in United Kingdom who is seeking arrangment with a young guy for a long-term dating that is bound to benefit both parties.

Paty is a 50 years old Stock broker who has made a lot of Money and has put her job in front of her for decades and forgot how to live a happy and fulfilled Life.

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Paty does not love guys who smoke and she does not smoke either. In a message sent to Us, Paty disclosed what she wants in a guy and herself. Enjoy.

I am down to earth and most people have called me a genius and intelligent woman. In the Wall street, you must be up to date and current, before you can make it to the top. I am kind, warm, passionate and loving.

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The same virtue I have is what I am looking for in any guy, your location does not matter. Any guy who I pick will be coming to live with me in United Kingdom and I will be paying his first class flight ticket. It’s just a couple of thousands of dollars.

I describe myself as a” phenomenal” woman as Maya Angelou rightfully said and I quote:

The curve in my hips the thick of my lips, and the diamonds in my eyes, of course you know I am paraphrasing and last but not least my mental prowess.

In the stock World, most people says I bite, but it’s business as usual and I don’t joke with it.

What I Need

All I need is a loyal, open-minded, hardworking, family oriented, love to have fun, guy who knows who he is.

I hardly date and right now, after saving Millions in the stock Market, I want to settle down and be in a committed relationship.

I am looking for a guy who will want to settle down in a long relationship that includes Vacations, sight seeing around the world and just having funds. My investment in the Stock Market will cover any expensese I’ll be making and that of our kids.

Honestly, I can cook and I nee a very clean and tidy person . I am looking for a man that wants to settle down.

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