To all our readers who are interested in connecting with Sugar mummies in Kenya, here is another batch of Kenya sugar mummy Whatsapp numbers, phone numbers and email for quick connections.

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Sugar Mummies in Kenya.

Chat With sugarmummy in Nairobi, My name is Loveth and I am 55 years old.

Looking for a Man between 18 and 35 years.

Gender: Woman.
Age: 55 years old.
Birthday: December 1st.
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Status: Online Now!

Let me introduce myself. I am not fat, what I have is dangerous curves like a real black woman! I have come a long way in making money and I run a Business with my family which means my working days are unique, challenging but they are also highly rewarding financially.

What I Dislikes.

  • I hate arrogant young guys who think they are a gift to the world.
  • I don’t like Bad Drivers.
  • What totally turn me off are rude people.

I am looking for a chocolate Man who can make me his woman. Honestly, I am a flirty one will generally flirt with anyone that catches my eye here on MummyRules.

I don’t Smoke And I do not drink, I only drink occasionally.

Meet Betty From Nairobi.

Betty is another wealthy woman living in Kenya’s capital city that is interested in meeting young men that can satisfy her.

Gender: Woman
Age: 45 years.
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya.

About Me:
I am a very hardworking woman who loves enjoying the good things in life. I am honest, kind, caring and friendly. This is what I need in a man too.
I don’t Smoke or like sitting close to those that smoke. But I drink Socially. I have Kids But I don’t want anymore. I want to meet a guy that will be able to satisfy me.

Will be paying any guy I pick from here, 21,000 Kenya shillings.

Meet Kaliani Living In Nairobi.

Kaliani is a 40 years old woman currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. She is interested and looking for a Man between 20 and 35 years who will be capable of treating her like a woman.

Gender: Woman
Age: 40 years.
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya.

About Me.

My name is Kaliani and I am 40 years old, I will be forty one next August and I want to enjoy myself immensely. I want a guy who will love me for who I am.

Surely, before a relationship is capable of working, there has to be some sort of physical attraction right? You can see what I look like, its only fair – weka picha. So if you are interested, please drop a message and I’ll contact you.

I’ll be paying any guy I pick from MummyRules in USD, and it will be $4,000 on a monthly basis. You must be honest, trustworthy and very discreet.

Regina In Mombasa Needs You.

Regina is 48 years old, but amazingly look like a girl in her late 20’s. Regina follows a tight schedule and watch everything she eats.

Gender: Woman
Age: 45
City: Mombasa
Country: Kenya.

Regina is Looking for a Man between 25 and 27 years only. If you are younger or older than the above-stipulated age, please don’t bother contacting me.

I want a guy who is handsome, cultured, well behaved, not arrogant and knows how to treat a woman right.

We can discuss how much I will be paying yo per week. Normally, I will be paying you $1,500 USD. But if you’re good to me, I’ll give you much better than you can imagine.

Beatrice in Migoro County Needs a Sugar Son.

A beautiful 49 years old Matured woman is searching for a son from Kenya, preferably, living in Migoro county or Kisumu.

Beatrice is searching for a man between the age of 18 and 29 years who is very discreet and knows how to please a lady.

Gender: Woman
Age: 49
City: Migoro County
Country: Kenya.

I don’t want any Arrogant, Proud, does not drive, childish guy who does not know what he wants.

I will be paying him weekly, starting from 30,000 Kenya shillings. Please if I don’t like what you’re offering, I will cut any connection with you.

Joy From Eldoret Wants To Connect.

For anyone searching for a sugar mummy in Eldoret, here is your opportunity. Joy is an amazing young lady who is married to an old man who she loves and cherishes. He lavishes her with anything she needs but can’t give her what she needs the most.

Gender: Female.
Age: 34.
City: Eldoret
Country: Kenya.

Joy is just 34 years old kenya sugar mummy and her hubby is 68 years old. She needs a young man between the age of 18 to 25 years who will love her and give her what she needs the most.

Joy promise to pay 10,000 KSh per week, depending on how caring you are.

Meet Irini in Malindi.

Irini is another matured lady who is interested in meeting a man in Kenya. She is looking for a Man between 18 and 34 years. Anyone below 18yrs or above 34yrs should not bother applying.

Gender: Female.
Age: 54.
City: Malindi.
Country: Kenya.

About Me:
What I need is someone who is open minded and can do their best to keep me smiling and laughing always. I’m not a mind reader, which means that when I connect with you, you have to tell me what you want and I can provide them all for you.

If you want the good things of Life, I surely will give them to you, but only if you can show me how much you love and cherish me.

I’m an open book that is open to any guy I love. Honestly, you can ask me anything and I’ll answer truthfully.

I will be paying any guy I Pick from $3,000 Monthly. However, I won’t be staying in Kenya for more than 8 Months. I will be relocating back to Malaysia. If any guy I connect with shows me, love, I’ll take him with me.

Meet Jackie From Kakamega.

Jackie is a 53 Years old woman who is seeking for a young Man living in Kenya or around Kakamega. I want a man that can laugh, chat, respect me, Love me and satisfy me without complaining.

I will pay him Ksh18,000 per month.

I know it’s not huge, but I will be increasing it every month, depending on how loyal you are to me.

Meet Catherine in Malindi.

Another Sugar mummy in Kenya, precisely from Malindi is seeking for a guy who can love, connect and understand her.

Catherine is 48 Years and is staying in Malindi. She needs a young Man who is capable of loving her and have an interest in the Stock Market, Sports, Beaches and loves traveling.

Gender: Female.
Age: 48.
City: Malindi.
Country: Kenya.

I will be paying any guy I select here on 40,000Ksh but he will also be driving me to work and other engagements.

How to Get a Rich Sugar Mummy in Kenya.

Before anything,I want to say i right here and now that getting a sugar mummy anywhere in this world 99% of the time, depends on how smart you are.

Some people are naturally born to be smart, while others learn how to be smart. Research have shown that a higher percentage of guys are pretty shy, and will never hold any meaningful conversation with a mature woman. Which is why after sharing wih you thislist of sugar mummies in Kenya, I also want to share secret tips on how to find a sugar mummy in Kenya.

This is a free guide to anyone who is interested in listening and learning.

1. Thefirst rule to getting a Matured woman as your sugar Momma is intelligence. A mature woman needs a young man with focus, not a guy who does not know the difference between Africa continent and which Continent Nigeria is in.

2. On your first date, be courteous and think smart. Don’t try hinting that money matters on your first date when the both of you are meeting. If you talk about Money on your first date, she may quickly think that you’re only concerned with her money, and that might be your last date with her.

3. If there are any projects you’ve done or accomplished in the past, smartly mention them here as they could give you an advantage as a brilliant young man.

4. Most guys underestimate the power of words. When you meet a sugar momma in Kenya, don’t forget how powerful words can be. If you are meeting in a restaurant and she arrives in the resteraunt before you, simply tell her that you asked the waiter to direct you to the only table where the most beautiful woman is seated and here you are. (This will certainly make her smile). Your first win.

5. If you have a career oriented young man, ensure you talk about your ambitions as far as your career is concerned. But also make sure you quietly hear everything she is saying.

6. Talk about your projects, ambitions and anything that will make you interesting (if you are not already, which I doubt). Most times, I’ve discovered that these women are well-connected and can connect you with people that matters.

However, when talking, PLEASE ALWAYS remember that you should never sound demanding. This is not your money you are discussing here, It’s her money. Take your nagging to your girlfriend, friends or even Facebook.

7. Be rest assured that her bedroom will be you guys next place to see. Here is where it matters. This depends on you and you alone. Make sure you impress her.

8. Learn How to Drive.

This is where guys always fail the first time. Before meeting a sugar mama, ensure you know how to drive. You’re interested in getting paid, right?

Most sugar mummies in Kenya certainly have no problem with lending you their cars to drive. Through thousands of guys we have connected, I discover that you will also chauffeur them and take them to business meetings, etc.

9. Ater the first date with her, be sure to thank her for her time and choosing to spend it with you..