Real WhatsApp Number of Girls 2023

Yes, we all search for girls WhatsApp numbers, and not just the normal numbers, but we want to chat with real girls. If you’re searching for real WhatsApp girls numbers, then you’ve come to the right page.

Here on this portal, I will be sharing with you, the best and original real girl’s contacts, who you can add, chat and become friends with. These girls are mostly online and love the friendly, kind and generous guys. But it is not easy, as many numbers are not always real, or the girls may have stopped accepting new friends.

However, here on Whatsappgirls numbers, we are doing things to ensure you always get real girls WhatsApp mobile numbers and not only that, we are always updating this list, removing the numbers of girls who have gotten too many friends.

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Real Female Whatsapp users Numbers list.

Indian girls are friendly to guys who respect girls. Here on this page, we are fortunate enough to have lots of girls, who have asked us to add them to this list.

There are lots of Indian girls from different cities like Delhi and Mumbai, who have shared their numbers with us, with the hope of making new friends online.

Now, this is your chance of becoming friends, and luckily, dating these girls from Mumbai, start a new relationship and enjoy the life you richly deserved.

Real WhatsApp number

Name: Saanvi

Age: 20

Interest: friendship only

WhatsApp number: +91845785690

Hello, my name is Saanvi Sanchez, and I am from Delhi, which is located in India. I like to chat with new people online and I am good at English and Hindi language. let’s are good friends on WhatsApp. Am open to becoming friends with people around the world.

Real WhatsApp number in India

Name: Aadhya.
Age: 22
Interest: friendship and dating.
WhatsApp number: +91632541***

Am a shy 22 years old girl living in the city.? I want to have friends around the world, so When I have money, I can fulfill my dreams of traveling around the world.

If you want to be my friend, you can simply message me, or better still, call me on video or audio call on my mobile number shared above. you can drop your numbers with the city so I can contact you and we can be good friends through the comment box below.

india girls real WhatsApp number

Name: Pari

Age: 19

Interest: relationship

WhatsApp number: +91700528541

Hello, Tpari here from Ahmedabad, which is located in Gujarat. If there is any Gujarati here or anyone who wants female friends from Gujarat, then you are free to contact me. I am a good looking girl who recently finished her school. If you are using WhatsApp or Facebook, then we can chat with me, and I hope to be your friends.

real girls whatsapp contact number

Name: Anika

Age: 25

Interest: online dating

WhatsApp number: +91820074652


real WhatsApp girl phone numbers in India

Name: Kyra

Age: 21

Interest: friendship and Dating

WhatsApp number: +91965202335


real whatsApp girl phone number in India

Name: Vanya

Age: 23

Interest: Friends Around the World

WhatsApp number: +91741582563

Hello, my name is Vanya from Surat, India. I am a good looking girl and will be going to college later this year. I am looking to become friends with guys and girls on WhatsApp. I just shared my complete WhatsApp contact number above. Please take note that I don’t like personal calls.

20 years real whatsApp girl phone number in India

Name: Khushi

Age: 19

Interest: Long Relationship

WhatsApp Number: +91874521456

Prisha wants friends around the world.

Name: Prisha.
Age: 24 years old.
Interest: friendship and dating.
WhatsApp number: +91987025661

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