Cute Russian Girls WhatsApp Numbers Online

Today on, I want to share with you cute Russian girls Whatsapp Numbers online who are looking for online friendship. If you’re interested in becoming friends with amazing and beautiful Russian beautiful Russian girls then don’t miss this Opportunity.

I want to share with you, the hottest cute girls Whatsapp numbers online and how you can start chatting with these Ladies. Always make sure that when you are chatting with these ladies, respect their feelings.

Eva Kulikova

Cute Russian Girls WhatsApp Numbers

+7 (914) 386-59-0

Eva Kulikova is a 23-Year-old Russian girl who is currently residing in Saint Petersburg. Here is how Eva describes herself.

Eva says she is an optimist, a romantic and affectionate young lady who is afraid of falling in love, because of how her ex treated her. Eva also describes herself as a sincere, kind and sympathetic lady who has a sense of humor.

I love Nature, and my hobbies include sports, rock music, classical music. The best places where I spend my free time includes concerts, museums, etc. I enjoy traveling over ancient cities and seeing magnificent buildings.

Eva is interested in getting connected through Whatsapp with a courageous, affectionate and a sociable gentleman who is sincere, accurate, faithful and a guy who loves different sports.

Samira Ozerova

Cute Russian Girls WhatsApp Numbers Online

+7 (913) 100-65-4

Samira Ozerova is a 20-year-old girl currently studying in the beautiful city of Kazan. Samira describes herself as a passionate and understanding girl who loves everyone. In her profile, Samira describes herself as having a minimum anger issue and enormous respect for guys who respect Ladies in return. Samira says she is a kind, tactful, trusty, understanding, careful, responsible, considerate, friendly and an affectionate girl.

Unlike other girls, Samira hobbies include communicating with friends, go swimming, adoring animals and going to the forest. Samira mentioned that she also enjoys fishing.

On the type of guy she is interested in, she says and I quote below;
“I want a noble guy who is always considerate, kind, cordial, friendly, faithful, calm, sincere and even-tempered man. I want a Man who is optimistic with a sense of humor, a person, who loves kids.

Elena Artemyeva

Russian Girls WhatsApp Numbers

+7 (951) 616-24-0

Another cute Russian girl Whatsapp Number I will be sharing here with you is Elena Artemyeva. Elena is a 27-year-old girl who is beautiful and is interested in becoming friends with guys online. Elena stays in Novosibirsk and works in the biggest Industry in Novosibirsk.

She believes that life is beautiful and amazing with so many things to offer. Elena says she always treat seriously everything concerning people, feelings and responsibilities are of high priority with her. She prefers being extremely frank and sincere with everyone who she comes in contact with. Elena is openminded, friendly and usually enjoy communicating with different people. I do not drink most times, but only on special occasions. I do not smoke and do not use drugs. My favorite hobbies in sports are swimming, running and Volleyball. I enjoy fitness and walking outdoors, going to the beach and to the forest, playing volleyball and ping-pong and traveling.

I am interested in dating guys who are sincere and caring, places great value to marriages and loves Kids.

Ida Aleksandrova

WhatsApp number of Russian girls

WhatsApp Russian number +7 (967) 827-73-8

Ida Aleksandrova is a beautiful young girl of 21 years old. Ida is a very merry, friendly, intelligent, communicable, restrained and calm girl. I love romantic guys who do have a sense of humor.

Darin Medvedeva

WhatsApp Russian number +7 (967) 123-72-9

WhatsApp number of Russian girl

Alain Izmailova

WhatsApp number +7 (961) 517-84-8

WhatsApp numbers of Russian girl

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