WhatsApp Girls Numbers for Russia Date – Russian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Are you eager to date a Russian girl but currently not staying near One? You can start chatting with Russian girls on Whatsapp, the best Mobile chatting App in the world.

I will be sharing with you, the best Whatsapp Girls Numbers in Russia who are currently looking for guys from any part of the world who is ready to mingle with them.

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I will be sharing with you, the 30 Most beautiful girls in Russia Whatsapp Numbers, giving you an option to strike a conversation with anyone of your choice. Make sure that when chatting with these Ladies, you know exactly what you’re doing.

Russian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Patricia Samoylova

WhatsApp number +7 (921) 884-21-8

I sincerely love to live and enjoy every moment of my life. My life slogan is: “Make love with your life!” I am a charming lady with a heart of gold. I am born to be an optimist and this determines my lifestyle and character’s features.

My friends say am usually calm and quiet in the morning, and afterward, a Tornado that they always want to associate themselves with. During the day I am active and assured. Most of my friends changed my name to “Miss welfare”.

Myra Kornilova

Rusian girl Whatsapp numbers

WhatsApp number +7 (982) 548-02-0

Myra Kornilova describes herself as a cheerful, kind, mysterious, sociable, responsible, attentive and sympathetic towards people around her. Myra is a University graduate who values the above traits in others, and she is always optimism.

Myra is romantic and is always cheerful. While describing herself, Myra says that she always strives to achieve a goal she set. One of her hobbies is listening to Music, traveling, and seaside. I enjoy having fun in the company of my friends, in other words, to be in a warm and friendly atmosphere. I love going to the Cinema to watch movies. I am keen on cooking delicious dishes especially sweet ones.

On the type of Guy she wants to Meet, Myra says she is looking for an interesting guy, one who is always Cheerful and kind, who has self-confident coupled with a good sense of humor. He should value and treasure family and enjoy arranging romantic meetings.

Nora Yershova

russian girls Whatsapp numbers for friendship
WhatsApp number +7 (953) 092-53-3

Nora is a 21 years old beautiful Lady currently residing in Russia’s capital. She describes herself as charming, attractive, kind, calm, sociable, neat, good at housekeeping, faithful and a decent girl.

Nora also says she has a great sense of humor and a curious mind that is eager to always know how things work. She says she wants to live a lifestyle and get a job where she will be traveling. I adore and love children. I am interested in having a relationship with just one Man. I am looking for an intelligent, kind, loving and affectionate man with a great sense of humor and healthy lifestyle, a guy that does not drink, smoke or womanized. I am not Perfect so I can accept any imperfections in a guy, but not those who love cheating.

I also know that mutual understanding and smooth communication are very important in any relationship that the couple wants to work.

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