Joyce, Sugar Mummy From Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Joyce is a 54 years old amazing Lady currently living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This Sugar Mummy is from Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America and is interested in dating a handsome guy which both parties will benefit from.

Joyce is a Multi-Millionaire and currently living in one of the finest buildings in Baltimore, Maryland. She has never been married and has no kids. She works as an accountant in the biggest Oil company in Maryland. She usually works for two weeks and rests for two weeks per month.

This Sugar Mummy in Baltimore does not like Smoking or doing drugs and has this to say about herself and the kind of man she wants to match with.

sugar mummy in baltimore

How would you describe yourself?.

I love talking to people. I’m not interested in talking about irrelevant topics that won’t add to our lives. This has shaped me and made me less willing to put up with banality. I don’t like anyone, be it Guys or Ladies who cheat and easily lie at every opportunity. I don’t lie willingly and always answer direct questions, so don’t ask if you don’t really want the honest answer from me. I want a guy who will be putting me first occasionally. I want to feel loved and desired.

Type of Guy She Needs?.

I am interested in any guy who has the same qualities as me. My hobbies include Watching sports, traveling, going to the cinemas. I want a real man who let a lady walk first before following behind like the old fashioned gentlemen.

I need a guy who has drive and ambition to build an empire on love and truthfulness with me. I like to meet someone who likes to travel and eat out. I don’t want a guy who takes pleasure in dating and breaking women Heart. Please don’t come to me. This is the major reason why I decide not to get married.

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