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sugar mummy on WhatsApp

We are about to drop some rich sugar mummies Whatsapp Numbers with you to chat with.

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Sugar Mummy on WhatsApp.

USA sugar mummy on WhatsApp
Meet Patricia, a 42 years old wealthy woman living in Minnesota

Name: Patricia Macullen,
Age: 42 years old.
City: Minneapolis,
State: Minnesota,
Country: United States of America.
Interest: Searching for a young man for a long-term relationship.

Important Note: It is important for you to know that WomenChannel is verifying every message/emails we received from wealthy women who needs young guys. So, here are the few questions we asked Patricia from Minneapolis. Read through her profile and get to know her better.

Introduce yourself?

My name is Patricia and I am 42 years old. I am a single girl searching for a lover and best friend who is ready to walk beside me through whatever and wherever life takes us. (Brutal honesty here: I’m looking for a matured-mind guy who is interested in a serious relationship. Sorry, but am not interested in casual daters, friend seekers and players please move along to the next profile.)

I solely believed that laughter, exercise, music, meaningful conversation, travel/getaways, and affection should be the basics of Human needs.

I love expressing myself creatively, I am curious and want to try out new things. I Certainly love laughing as much as possible. I value sincerity, generosity, a guy with humor who values long-lasting friendship.

What I need.

I am searching for a guy who will love me, respect, support, and know me emotionally. One that understands me better than myself. I’m looking for an equal, a travel partner and a guy who I can share my passion and ideas with.

Interested in Patricia?

Guys, if you are interested in this wealthy lady, then you can get her Whatsapp number right here. To chat with her, drop your mobile number in the comment box and describe yourself briefly.

Important Note:

She will be picking just one guy, so ensure you are telling the truth and nothing else.

Wealthy Sugar Mummy on Whatsapp.

wealthy sugar mummy on Whatsapp

Name: Karen Hernadez,
Age: 46 years old.
City: Birmingham,
State: Alabama,
Country: United States of America.
Interest: Searching for a young man for a serious long-term relationship that may lead to marriage.

Introduce Yourself.

My name is Karen Hernadez, A proper French lady who has lived in the US throughout her lifetime. I work for one of the biggest companies in Alabama. I can describe myself as one in a kind.

I love giving to different persons, both people I know or don’t know. Send money to Foster Homes on a weekly basis, I am honest, loyal, humble and kind, I am one of those gals who appreciate small acts of kindness. I will never ask you for anything I’m not willing to give. I am that “best friend” most people want.

I am Patient, soft-spoken, a classy lady who will offer her guy emotional support, stability, humor and respect.

What I need.

I would love to connect with a guy who will be my best friend, a guy who will love to caught fun and play together, one who is willing to introduce me to the world as his woman, a guy who is not afraid to cry, will easily forgive and embrace imperfections in each other.

How to get Sugar Mummy on WhatsApp.

If you are interested in connecting with Karen Hernadez, then we need to verify that you’re real.

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  2. Write a short description of yourself, including your name, country, age, hobbies and contact details.

She will select the guy whose self-description is the same as the guy she needs.

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