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Women seeking men in Bangalore.

women seeking men in bangalore
women seeking men in bangalore

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Get Bangalore Lady, Varsha Whatsapp.

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Hi, my name is VARSHA, and I am really interested in making new friends here in Bangalore, Karnataka.

I am 28 years old and I am staying independently alone in my house, to tell you promptly I am always ready for you to provide all types of all round as you need. If you are interested, you can simply call me using my number below.

My Profile.

Name: Varsha.
Years: 28 years old.

Get Bangalore Aunty Whatsapp Number.

Bangalore Aunty Whatsapp Number

Hi there, my name is VINUTHA and I am just 30 years old currently staying in ALONE in my house. I don’t want to sugar-coat anything.

Since I arrived in Bangalore, I have been feeling lonely, frustrated with work pressure and living a boring life.

I am willing to entertain some visitors at my house if you’re 30 years old and above.

My Profile:

Name: Vinutha.
Years: 30 years old.
Area/Neighbourhood: Bangalore Bommanahalli.
Whatsapp: Drop a comment like “hey, I need Vinutha number, and I will send it to you”.

Meet 29 years old RANJITHA Housewife Living Alone in Bangalore.

Hello, this is awkward but I am looking to meet single men in Bangalore who would love to show me around this city. My company transferred me from Delhi to Bangalore and I don’t know anyone here. I am 29 yrs age married woman who left her husband in the city of Delhi. But I am unsatisfied for several years.

Now I am separated from my husband. I want to meet someone who can fulfill my heart desires and be the love of my life. Please, I need a 100% genuine guy who will love, cherish and respect me.

My Profile:

Year: 29 years old.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Area/ Neighbourhood: Bommanahalli Bangalore.


Hi, my name is Sanvi and I am a 20 years old college student transferred to Bangalore. I love the people of Bangalore because I have seen how they welcome strangers without any judgment or prejudice.

I am a decent good looking young 20 years Bangalore college girl. I came from an orthodox family who believed in marriage first. I am interested in meeting a genuine Bangalore guy.

If you are interested in meeting with this Bangalore college girl, then you can call her now.

Name: Sanvi,
Age: 20 years old.
Location: Bangalore.
PostCode: 560068.
Number: Drop a comment and ask for “Sanvi number”. I don’t everyone to get my personal number. Thank you for understanding.


teenage college girls number in Bangalore

Hy there, my name is Kruthi and I am a student completing my degree in Bangalore college to further my higher education. I am a lovely girl with future plans for herself to better tomorrow and ensure my kids have a better life.

I want to meet a genuine guy who is going to love me, respect and cherish me.

Name: Kruthi,
Age: 19 years old.
Location: Bommanahalli
Postcode: 560068.

Meet Bangalore Aunty.

Name: Ashwini
Age: 30 years
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Interest: looking for boys.
Aim: flirt for free, make friends for free, chat for free
Status: I am a very confident and attractive girl. I always like people who can tell you the truth instead of false assurance.

Name: Luza,
Age: 26 years old.
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
looking for: Men.
Aim: To meet new people, make friends for free, encounters, chat for free.

My Profile: Here I go again. The truth is that I don’t know how to describe myself. I am not 100% good at describing myself, but well, I want to meet new friends here. I’m an easygoing lady who love a challenge, adventure, and good movie. My favorite genre in movies are the Romantic ones.

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